JFORCES V&V (as of March 1st, 2011)

When considering using any unfamiliar simulation its Validation and Verification (V&V) is topic of concern.  JFORCES has stood up to V&V scrutiny in the past, notably:

These are the "Universal" V&V checks on JFORCES.  Clearly it just touches on JFORCES' 20+ year history, and numerous other V&V have been performed by the organizations using JFORCES, but these V&V's are directed at specific customer needs.  This is because DMSO specifies the V&V standards are to be set for each using organization according to the needs of that organization.  (Click here more information, DoD Directive 5000.61  ).

Since that time each project using JFORCES has V&V'd it for their use.  The JFORCES program history provides a list various users that have accepted JFORCES for their use, but here are a few recent customer approvals: