Problems with OpenInventor's fonts
On Fedora Core 4 there's a problem with OpenInventor's internal font library, libFL.  This is caused by a change in the system glibc library.  It's non-trivial to change the glibc directory, so an alternative to getting the fonts working is to use truetype fonts instead of the built in fonts.  But be aware that if you do this the fonts will look different than the default fonts used elsewhere in JFORCES.

To make this work:
First, install some truetype fonts.  Assuming that you have access to a MS windows computer, get the contents of c:\windows\Fonts.  Copy these files to /usr/share/data/fonts.  Then, tell X11 about these fonts by typing:

cd /usr/share/data/fonts
ttmkfdir > fonts.scale
chkfontpath -a /usr/share/data/fonts

For more information go to

Next you'll have to build OpenInventor to read the true type fonts instead of using the internal fonts.  To do this:

Go to and download the latest openInventor source code.  This file will have the name inventor-(version).src.tar.gz.  Untar, review the documentation paying special attention to the following settings:
setenv IVROOT (set this to whereever you untarred the file)
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH "$LD_LIBRARY_PATH":$IVROOT/usr/lib   Note that you might have to delete the first LD_LIBRARY_PATH reference.
setenv FREETYPE 1  (this is the whole point to manually building the library)

Build this.  You might have some problems along the way, but I can't preguess them since Fedora's advancing and OpenInventor's not.  But I do have a working version to load OpenInventor 2.1.5-10 on Fedora Core 4 that I can send on request.  Contact me here.

You'll have to manually move the compiled openInventor files to /usr/lib using the following commands:
cp $IVROOT/usr/lib/ /usr/lib
cp $IVROOT/usr/lib/ /usr/lib
(optionally) cp $IVROOT/lib/libInventor.a /usr/lib
(optionally) cp $IVROOT/lib/libInventorXt.a /usr/lib

Finally, you MIGHT have to recreate the map application.  This is improbable, but if you do you'll have to build the JFORCES forces_maps directory.