GPS Time Converter

The GPS time converter is used to convert a GPS data file from absolute time (all data times start from 0.00 seconds) to relative time (data times are delays from one data line to the next), and back. This allows the user to edit the GPS data for playback, and convert it back into a form used by the replay.

Running the GPS Time Converter:
gps_conv_time [-f infilename] [-o outfilename] [-ar (abs to rel time)] [-ra (rel to abs time)] [--help]

-f <infilename>:Replace <infilename> with the file to read the GPS data from
-o <outfilename>:Replace <outfilename> with the file to output the new GPS data to
-ar: Converts the lines in the data file from absolute to relative times to allow editing.
-ra: Converts the lines in the data file from relative to absolute times to allow replay.
--help:Prints out usage help

gps_conv_time -f gpstest.log -o gpstest_rel.log -ar

This example reads a GPS log from gpstest.log and outputs the log with relative times to gpstest_rel.log.