GPS Tracker

The GPS Tracker reads a location continuously from a serial GPS unit, and transmits the location, along with amplifying information to a remote host.

Running the GPS Tracker:
gps_tracker [-h host] [-p port] [-s serial device] [-i identifier] [-t typename] [-a amplification] [-m tms (t = type, m = medium, s = side according to constants.h)] [--help]

-h <host>:Replace <host> with the hostname or IP address of the system that will receive the data, default is "localhost".
-p <port>:Replace <port> with the port name or number of the remote system that will receive the data. Default is 3000
-s <serial device>:Replace <serial device> with the name of the serial device the GPS receiver is connected to. Default is "/dev/ttyUSB0". This is usually "/dev/ttyS0" for the first serial port, and "/dev/ttyUSB0" for the first USB device. The USB device number can be determined by plugging the device into the USB port, and typing "dmesg | tail" at the command prompt. This will display the messages from the kernel, and should list the device number of the last device attached.
-i <identifier>:Replace <identifier> with uniquely identifying number. Default is "1234".
-t <typename>:Replace <typename> with appropriate JFORCES asset type. Default is "Tank".
-a <amplification>:Replace <amplification> with amplification data. Default is "amplification"
-m <tms>:Replace <tms> with type, medium, and side numbers.
Type can be target_level (0), asset_level(1), or group_level (2). Default is 1 (asset_level).
Medium can be surfacemednum (1), airmednum (2), submednum (3), or spacemednum (4). Default is 1 (surfacemedium).
Side can be redcolor (1), bluecolor (2), or whitecolor (3). Default is 2 (bluecolor).

These numbers are subject (but unlikely) to change. The definitions are found in "~/common/constants.h".
--help: Prints usage information

Example run:
gps_tracker -h localhost -p 2020 -s /dev/ttyS0 -i 1023 -t Tank -a "Tank #1023 3rd Cav" -m 112

This example connects to localhost on port 2020, using the first serial port, identifying itself as number 1023 (this number should be unique), a Tank, an individual asset, on the surface, and on the "Blue" side.