To run the JTIDS/MIDS interface

The following contains instructions for starting FORCES with the JTIDS/MIDS interface for Volk Field.

Because the interface uses a 1553 bus, the computer referenced here is specifically the 'sadl1' computer, which is configutred with a 1553 interface card. The 'sadl1' computer is an eData PC in a standard size tower, IP:

  1. JTIDS/MIDS terminal
    The current configuration requires an existing JTIDS/MIDS terminal and host computer (CC) with a 1553 bus connecting the two. The Linux box used ('sadl1') to feed TADIL/J data into FORCES taps into the 1553 bus. Note that the data-source is not important - a Serial-J (modem) or radio source to the JTIDS/MIDS does not have any bearing on the FORCES interface.

  2. Wiring Connections
    'sadl1' requires a transceiver cable to connect the computer to the 1553 bus. This is a DB9 connector on one end with four coax pig-tails coming out the other end.

    As you're facing the rear of the computer, there are two 1553 connectors, however only one works - the one to the left (closest to the motherboard). Connect the DB9 end of the cable to that.
    (the MILSTD-1553B specification requires a 2 channel bus for redundancy. A 'lab' version of the board, as we have, is only a single channel - while we have the second connector, we don't have the guts on the board to support it).

    Take the coax connector end labelled "Bus A" and connect it to a Bus Coupler on the JTIDS/MIDS bus.

  3. Start the Interface
    Note: the interface program: jtids_rcvr, has to be compiled with specific code (API) to support the hardware (Condor 1553B). Without the API to compile, or the hardware for it to talk to, jtids_rcvr will not work, so you are currently limited to running jtids_rcvr on the 'sadl1' computer. The playback program can be run anywhere.

  4. To Playback a Recording
    Note that the playback program (jtids_playback) can be run on any FORCES system, and does not require the presence of the 1553 card or the corresponding Condor 1553 API (software), as does the jtids_rcvr. However, you will need to have a recording file that was generated from a jtids_rcvr, copied to your system.

  5. Files

rev: 17-Jun-04