Restarting JFORCES from a Saved Run

FORCES runs can be either from:

  1. Data defined in the database by the user in the Mission Planner. This is the default.

  2. Data saved as a checkpoint (a memory image) during a prior execution. This permits the user to restart the scenario from a presaved time and continue the scenario from this point, possibly interacting with the subsequent execution to perform "alternative action" analysis. This is known as a hotstart from a checkpoint. Go here for more information.

  3. Restarting from the data defined in the database by the user in the Mission Planner (as in case 1) but with a predefined list of commands to be input into the simulation at specified times. These commands are typically saved from a prior execution and consist of entries from the various operator workstations (the JFORCES human interfaces) and any external applications including CCS, VIT and so forth. This is called Replay.

Some things to consider when running the replay or hotstart options:

  1. The replay option relies on internal simulation identifiers being identical between runs. For that reason they can only be run against either an unmodified database source or against a checkpoint saved for that run. The checkpoint is preferred because it's too easy for the user to modify the database.

  2. Replaying saved scenarios can become unreasonable after changes have been made to the original situation. For this reason theres a "Stop Auto Replay" button on the Umpire System Controls. It's up to the human to decide when continuing the replay is unreasonable and to provide any desired commands after "Stop Auto Replay" is selected.

  3. Checkpoint files are memory images and therefore only valid for the simulation executable they were created by. Remember this when undating the system.

  4. Checkpoint files restore the simulation to the appropriate state; they do not restore the MMI workstations. The mice thing is the interactive workstation configuration can be changed to add new ones or delete unmanned ones. This happens automatically as the MMIs connect to the simulation.

  5. Likewise, not all of the original MMI workstations are required for a replay. In fact hotstarts and replays can be run in batch mode. Note that this is an update from the original replay implementation.

The user can define whether the run is to be a hotstart or replay (and whether to save a replay file) when defining the "Simulation Replay" options under the "Run Configuration.