SADL Radio and Interface Initialization

The following contains instructions for starting JFORCES and the SADL interface for Volk Field.

The JFORCES computer is a eData PC in a standard size tower, hostname = 'sadl1'. The 'SSE' computer is also an eData PC, distinguished by the mini-tower box and a "P3-550" label.

Detailed instructions with illustrations for the SSE computer operations can be found in the SADL SSE Maintenance Manual T.O.:

Situational Awareness Data Link (SADL)
Support Equipment (SSE) Part Number 5155750
Airborne Radio Set AN/ASQ-177C(V)4C


  1. Crypto
    The crypto keys and the radio channel need to be kept current with Madison Avionics.

  2. Wiring Connections
    If the radio was removed to be rekeyed, there are 4 wires to re-connect. Refer to the SSE Maintenance manual for illustrations. All 4 connectors on the radio are unique, so you just have to match the connectors. The other 'ends' should not be disconnected from the computers. The 'front' of the radio is the face with the status lights on it.
    1. power cord - 120VAC plug connects to the surge protector. The other end attaches to the only connector on the side of the radio.
    2. Data cord (1) - attaches to a connector labeled J2 on the top/back of the radio (the high-hat). This cord goes to the DB9 connector on the computer.
    3. Data cord (2) - attaches to the connector labeled J3 on the front of the radio, the other end connecting the DB25 to the computer.
    4. Antenna - attaches to the front of the radio (connector labeled ANT - J2).

  3. Power On
    To Power up the radio and SSE computer, switch the power-strip/surge-protector (behind the radio) to On.
  4. SSE Computer Initialization
    On the SSE computer display, the right column/center block should show SSE Main.
  5. FORCES Initialization

    To some degree you can monitor I/O through SADL from an xterm by entering:
    > tail -f /tmp/SADL_interface.log
    ...although I've found it to be marginal due to delayed (optimized) I/O buffering.

    When running a live feed, the SADL interface will always record the session into a file stored in /data/sadl/archives/. The /tmp/SADL_interface.log file will indicate the filename when it starts, so you can refer back to it later to run a playback.

    When aircraft come into range, the main display on the SSE computer will pop up boxes for each aircraft with their RSID.

Power Down

  1. Upon completion, switch off the power strip to shutdown the radio and SSE computer.
  2. FORCES/sadl1 can be brought down in the normal manner: select System Controls, Kill MMI, "Do you really want to shut down the entire current JFORCES application?" -- click on Yes