The Simulation Never Finishes Initializing

There could be many reasons for this, the most common being a database incompatibility.  To diagnose the problem you'll want to start the simulation running from a command line so you can see the last line generated.  To do this:

1) Open the diagnostic window that comes up when you start the JFORCES interface

2) Start the simulation through the JFORCES interface.

3) Right after you acknowledge which port the simulation will use you'll see a line like the following appear in the diagnostic window:
Simulation Started: ssh  lightning  /home/baseline/bin/linux/sim_pcomm /tmp/simlightning3000 < /tmp/runlightning3000 > /tmp/log.simlightning3000 &

4) Open a new terminal window and cut and paste the start command with the configuration and input file (Note:  see the section on Architecture->Executive if you're interested in the contents of either of these files).  The command should look like:
/home/baseline/bin/linux/sim_pcomm /tmp/simlightning3000 < /tmp/runlightning3000

None of the rest of the line should be copied.  Do not hit and carriage return yet.

5) Go back to the JFORCES interface and select "System Controls->Kill MMI" and select "Kill 'em All" when asked.  Wait until the interface comes down

6) Go to the terminal window where you copied the simulation startup command and hit a carriage return.  The diagnostics will appear in the window.  Usually you'll find the reason the simulation died (assuming it did) at the end of the output.