SSH Setup Notes:

To set up SSH (or in this case, SSH2,which is what JFORCES currently has been tested under):

These steps are seperated into Local machine/Remote machine, but you will

have to do both to run ssh from localhost.

Local Machine

1) run ssh-keygen -t dsa

Press <ENTER> three times - this will generate a public

(~/.ssh/ and a private (~/.ssh/id_dsa) key with no passphrase.

2) login to machines that you will be connecting to with ssh to get their

keys. Note that for the localhost you will have to log on to localhost as

well as the hostname of your local machine eg:

ssh -l <username> localhost

ssh -l <username> hostname

SSH will prompt you whether or not you want to add the new key to your

keylist type 'yes' to these prompts.

As root

4) Contents of /etc/ssh/ssh_config should be as follows (restart ssh if

you make any changes to this file):

Host *

ForwardX11 yes

Protocol 2,1

5) chmod 700 /home/forces (or whatever the forces directory is)

Remote Machine

1) Make sure sshd is running, if not add it to the startup scripts

2) Add local public keys ( of all machines (including

localhost) who wish to connect to the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2

3) Change or add the following line to /etc/ssh/sshd_config if it doesn't

exist already (restart sshd if you make any changes to this file):

Protocol 2,1