List and Map Asset Selector

A number of JFORCES interface employ a generic asset picker that the permit the user to select the asset from either a list or a map pick and permit the use of a platform filter to refine the user's selection.  This is a typical use of this interface:

List and Map Asset Picker

The top portion of this interface permits the user to select an asset in one of four ways, according to his "Pick" selection in the option matrix.  He can:

  1. Select the asset from a comprehensive list of all assets in the scenario.  He does this by selecting the "Pick" option in the "Any" column and "List" Row.
  2. Select the asset from the map by choosing the "Pick" option in the "Any" column and "Map" row. He then selects the asset from the map.  In the (common) case that multiple candidate assets are too close together in the map for a unique pick he will be presented with a list of candidates in the selected area; he can then pick the asset from these candidates by double-clicking on the entry.
  3. He can choose first to filter the assets to a specific platform type and then select from a list of those assets.  He does this but clicking on the platform column heading (which has the title "Undefined" in this example, but might have another platform name in usage) and the selects the "Pick" option in that column and the "list" row. 
  4. Finally, he can choose to first pick the asset from a filtered list from the map.  He does this by specifying the platform type (as in the prior option), then selecting "Pick" from the platform column and the "Map" row, and finally picking on the asset on the map.  Again, a number of assets of this type might be in the pick region; in this case the user is presented with a list of candidates in the the pick region and he selects one from the presented list.
After selecting an asset, information on the currently selected asset will be displayed in the same part of the interface, as shown here:
Note that in this case an additional column has been added so the user can select another asset in a multi-asset command.
final asset selection
A final note should be made about the list provided for selecting the asset (example given below).  You'll notice that all of the column headers are buttons.  When you see this in JFORCES it means that the columns can be resorted by that attribute (e.g. a user selection of asset type, tail number, name, latitude or longitude).  This simplifies sorting through large lists for the asset of interest.
asset pick