Mass DB Updates

Selection brings up a list of four elements.

Copy Routes and Tasks

The Copy Tasking and Routes Form with the title Pick Asset As Master allows the user to pick an asset as the Master.  Assets are listed with their:

When an asset is highlighted (chosen) another form entitled Copy Tasking and Routes with the title Operational Tasking for ASSET, Name (the asset chosen), and ID (of asset chosen).

All operational tasking is listed with any Passive List in ().  A lower section titled Select Clone Assets From List Below contains a list of assets with their:

At the bottom section the user may turn the Copy Route and/or Copy Op Tasks on or off.

Mass Deletions

The asset_list Form with the title Scenario Asset List (By Name) allows the user to pick an asset that is listed by:


Double click, using the left mouse button , the asset to get a Detailed List & Editing.  The Pick Asset Form appears with all the assets of that type listed.  Clicking on a single asset brings up the Individual Asset Defn Form with the asset data listed on it.

Double click, using the right mouse button , the asset to get the Mass Deletion Options.  The Asset Deletion Form appears with all the assets of that type listed (Type, Tail #, Call and Location) and ready for deletion.  The options related to the asset deletion task are:

Read in ATO 

Selection produces the Select ATO Input File Form that allows the user to select the ATO.  The ATO must be in USMTF format.  Only the "teeth" elements of the attack are modeled.  These include INT, FCAP, DCA, XDCA, ESC, EW, AEW, XEW, XAEW, XINT, XATK, XCAS, SEAD (the abreviations are in accordance with USMTF standards). More information can be found here

Read in ADOCS MIDB Table

This interface populates the MIDB shared with the NWARS model for intelligence applications.  Selection produces the MIDB CONTROLS Form. The Side is selected to Load with MIDB Import.  The MIDB Source File is identified (MIDB Source File) and the Region Boundaries are defined (type or pick from Map).

  Update Group Strength

Selection brings up the Group Strength Adjustment Form.  User may weaken the group strength of a force on a specified Run ID adn at a given time.  Scenario, DB, Run ID and Run Description can be selected.