System Controls That Are Always Available -

These are the fundamental controls for the operation of the FORCES environment that are available whether or not a run mode (runtime or Mission Planning) has been selected.

Kill MMI

This function shuts down the current FORCES interface. While not required (FORCES will automatically clean up any remaining running MMI processes whenever a new instance is started), its the recommended method to shut down FORCES. In addition, whenever the simulation might be running this option also permits the user to shut down the simulation. It's important to remember that the man-machine interface (MMI) is not the same process as the simulation, instead the simulation is a separate process with no obvious organic man-machine interface . This means that simulations started during a user's session are not automatically shut down when the user shuts down his interface or even when he logs of. Therefore the user either needs to use this interface and select the kill all processes when shutting down, or use the "kill_all" script from the command line.


DBA stands for Data Base Administration and provides GUI interfaces to key data-related activities. Click here for information.

Data Analysis

The data analysis package is always available for either loading data into the database or for performing analysis. Click here for information.

Debug Options

The debug options are primarily focused on programmer references and interfaces and can be broken down into the following categories:

Icon editing - This permits any user to map an icon to a specific asset or group type. This is perhaps the most widely used function under this option.

Documentation references - These provide interfaces into the FORCES development library to research public structures, database entity relationships, constant definitions, and message formats. These are not only very useful to programmers but, because FORCES employs automatic code generation from the tables referenced for these reports, is guaranteed to be accurate (at least for anything required for code generation).

SDR Interface - Provides interface to report and review software deficiency reports (SDR). While intended for internet access some users maintain their own SDRs in secure facilities and use these to monitor code status.

Interactive TCL code testing

Click here for more information.