This is the basic interface for both selecting routes for both assets and groups and for editing and reviewing routes. The entry form for this function is the Pick Route form, which includes the names and IDs of all defined routes as well as the following options for every route:


This option brings up the Route Data Form with the data for this route provided. Specifically:

Any one of these elements may be changed by the user by selecting the route and making the change on the latest form.

Using these options a very detailed route may be constructed for any asset. The number of legs on a route is limited only by computer memory, so elaborate routes may be created. Also, routes can be reused by multiple assets as either the same or different times (use takeoff time to define this). Finally, the routes can be tied to asset missions through the operational task specification for assets.

An Entire Route may be:

Deleted (Delete Entire Route), and/or

Reviewed (Review Another Route)

The Review option cycles through the route selection and review process again by requesting data for a different route and loading that data into this form.


This is a simpler option than review that allows a user to just select the route for an asset or group and then return to the appropriate interface with first having to look at the route details. This is appropriate if you already know this is the right form. NOTE - the new route specification is NOT saved on calling form until you hit a "Save" on that widget. Thus an asset's new route is not saved until you've selected it, returned to the asset definition widget, and selected "Save" on that widget. Otherwise the route change is lost.


This will cause the route(s) selected to be displayed on the map. Some routes (e.g. Those with only idle or station options) will not be displayed because location information is not available. Good for coordinating multiple routes.

List Users

Route Users Form lists all users currently assigned to the specified route.


Route Properties Form provides the percentage of reserves for an asset. Selecting Calculate brings up the Route Analysis Form provides a rundown on fuel utilization and time elapsed for the route by leg. Fuel utilization and time elapsed are not available for all motion conditions, e.g. Neither are computed for ballistic missile trajectories.

When invoked from an asset or group interface, The Pick Route Form also allows the user to select:

No Route.

This returns a blank for route name and a 0 for route number to the calling interface (usually either the asset or group definition interface). This eliminates prescripted motion for this element

New Route.

This will request a route name name and number from the user via the Name New Route Form to appear that allows the user to type the Route Name and Route ID and, then, Accept or Accept and Copy. Accept will create a new route (no predefined information) and bring up the route editing interface described above so the user can specify the route. Note that the user must first select "Add New Leg" so that a leg can be injected into the route. He can tailor this leg as desired.

The Accept and Copy option will request the user to specify the route to be copied. After selection the data from the original route will be copied to the new name and the route editor interface described above will be brought up so the user can tailor this route. This can be done without affecting the original route.