Runtime Asset Selection Widget.

Many of the runtime simulation interfaces employ a standardized asset selection widget. An example is the Kill Controls Form . The widget always contains information on the asset type, tail number, callsign and simulation ID. There are two control interfaces. The first is a filter that limits the assets that will be considered when the user makes a selection from the screen. It is a drop-down button and when clicked will let the user select from a Filter list to make it easier to select the right asset type. For example, the user could select "C2 Sites" as the filter when picking near an airbase so that he doesn't inadvertently pick the base or aircraft on the base.

The second control interface in the widget is "Select". After clicking this button the user is prompted (in the FORCES Master Controls Message Area) to pick an asset. He should then use his mouse to point to an asset on the map and click on it.