FORCES 101 Outline

Intro to JFORCES

Forces is a Simulation of:

Employs both Natural and Man-Altered Environment:

- Terrain

- Weather

- Jamming

- Nuclear effects


Starting JFORCES

How to Login:

User: forces


You should see Sun's Common Desktop Environment (CDE)

Map Control Example

No Map Inputs Zoom In

One Map Pick Move Center

Map Area Pick Select Area

FORCES Mode Control


Start Scenario - Starts a scenario and optionally connects the MMI (Man Machine Interface) to the run

Connect - Connects the MMI to an ongoing scenario on the some computer or another Computer

Mission Planner - Starts a graphical tool used to set up scenarios.

the Run Configurator to Create Complex Scenarios.


Example Scenario Generation Using the Mission Planner


Enter "System Controls" -> "Mission Planner"

When Queried for a scenario choose the "New" button

Use the "tactical" database and select a useful name

Note: The tactical database is an uncontrolled database. As such the data is partial and questionable, but tends to be useful for training and quick checkouts

Create Key Elements


Select a Map of the Region of Interest

Start creating Scenario Elements

Go to "Mission Planner" -> "Create/Edit…" ->"Individual Assets"

Pick "Red", "Air Base", "Red Primary AB"

As a general rule, Scenarios are easiest to control if the Bases are created first

Select "Location"-> "Pick from Map" and click on a Map Location to Place Base

Give the Base a Unique Name


- This is the most frequently committed error associated with the Process!!

Create Blue Airbase

Create Red and Blue Squadrons

Populate Squadrons

Create Sensors

Create a Route

Modify the Route of an Existing Aircraft

- New routes can be complex - create a circuit into a target area with a form-up delay.

Finishing up


Starting a Scenario Run

In addition to scenarios, there are Run Configurations

Run Configurations Need to Be Created Only Once

To Create a Run Configuration:

SAVE, and then hit "end" for all menus to exit the Run Configurator 


Simulation Controls

The runtime controls are best learned through freeplay. As an outline, we will introduce each of the following:

Clock control



Control Aircraft




Collecting and Reviewing Data

Restart the simulation. To do this:
- Select "Kill MMI" from the "System Controls"

Set the Data Collection Options.