From: Jeff Godfrey []
Sent: Friday, April 25, 2003 10:27 AM
To: Paul
Subject: Re: question about filling space when using grid
"Paul" <> wrote in message
> Sorry to ask such a simple question, but the following code results in one
> button being displayed smaller than the other:
> frame .f1
> button .f1.b1 -text ---
> grid .f1.b1 -sticky news
> button .b2 -text ------
> grid .f1 -sticky news
> grid .b2  -sticky news
> I hoped that since .f1 and .f1.b1 were grid'd with "-sticky news" .f1.b1
> would be as large as .b2 (this is the behavior when I create .b1 at the
> level as .b2).  How do I fix this so framed sudwidgets (e.g. .f1's
> fill the available space?
You need to change the "-weight" on the gridded column inside the frame.
Add this to the bottom of your code, and see if it does what you want:
grid columnconfigure .f1 0 -weight 1