These videos are intended to highlight selected aspects of the JFORCES application. To download, right-click mouse and select “Save Target As”. To view these you will need a sound card and a video display of 1280x1024 or higher. You will also need the appropriate software. Most of these are intended to be run using the DivX video player, which can be downloaded at

Some users experience screen flicker. Typically if the display resolution is 1280x1024 or higher and the graphics card is good this can be resolved by playing the video in “Full Screen Mode”

Homeland Defense Applications

·         Homeland Defense: Chicago scenario

·         Homeland Defense: Intercept Scenario

Specialized Applications

·         JFORCES Behavior Module (Requires Xvid Codec, see below)

·         Nuclear JFORCES

·         JFORCES Employment in Threat Localization

·         Sample Use Of JFORCES in Training

·         ANCASE MADL As Is Scenario

·         ANCASE MADL To Be Scenario


·         Tutorial: Defining Platforms

·         Tutorial: Setting Up a Scenario

·         Tutorial: Simple Runtime Example

·         Tutorial: Data Analysis

·         RAP (Radar Analysis Program) 101

Support Software

·         QuickTime video software

·         DivX video software

·         Xvid video codec

Iranian Attack Demo